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The 2023 Inogen Global Meeting in Brazil

Inogen Alliance's annual meeting was held in Brazil successfully.  Associates came to join in the big party. The president of Anew, Mrs. Lida Tan attended the meeting. 


Right one,Anew - Lida Tan

Mrs. Tan is honored to be selected as one of the leadership team members for 2023/2024.


Anew as one of the league leaders

Anew contributes to the Inogen Alliance in many ways and participates in the Global Marketing Team to make efforts.  


Anew actively participates in global market planning

Inogen Alliance develops strongly in 2023. Inogen Alliance, a multinational alliance, provides global EHS, energy, environmental, and sustainability consulting services.As a member of the Inogen Alliance, Anew Global Consulting provides consulting services to our clients through the Anew teams and partnering with our global consultants.


Meeting photo

Anew shared a Zero Waste program which was partnered with an associate in the alliance. 


Zero Waste program sharing, Kris Huang


Conference highlights


Inogen leaders

The Inogen Alliance will continue to thrive. See you in Greece in 2024!