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EHS Services for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Anew's specialists help with corporate mergers, acquisitions and asset stripping through identification and management of EHS risks. Such services include due diligence (DD) evaluation, environmental site assessment (ESA) , water resource investigation, and vulnerability assessment before mergers & acquisitions as well as potential contamination liability investigation, environmental site assessment (ESA), and EHS risk assessment before site-closure.

EHS Audit, Investigation and Assessment

Anew's specialists include China Certified Environmental Engineers, Certified Safety Engineer, Certified Class I Fire Protection Engineers, Certified Environmental Impact Assessment Engineers, US Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and US Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). Anew’s professionals are familiar with EHS regulation and the EHS management of industrial enterprises, and have abundant project experiences for EHS audit, investigation and assessment. The service that Anew can provide include, but not limited to, EHS audits, EHS risk assessment; IPE GCA audit; occupational hazard identification, measurement and assessment; industrial ventilation assessment; fire protection assessment; industrial plant sewer test; water balance study of industrial plants; and asbestos inspection, test and remediation.

Green Supply Chain Management

Anew‘s specialists are experienced in green supply chain management. They can help Brands innovate, design and execute supply chain EHS and sustainability programs to improve the overall sustainability indicators and reduce the operational risks of Brands.

Environmental Engineering Services

Anew has many expert environmental engineers. They can perform feasibility tests, engineering scale tests, pilot scale tests for wastewater treatment, air emission treatments, and remediation of contaminated soil & groundwater. Additionally they can assist in facility design, construction, commissioning and problem diagnosis.

Energy Management and Energy Efficiency Service

Anew‘s specialists can conduct energy management system development, energy efficiency benchmarking and analysis, energy saving audit, measurement and verification (M&V) of energy saving projects, and energy efficiency technology training etc.

EHS Regulatory Service

Anew has a self-developed EHS database, which covers all the national and local EHS laws and regulations in China. We can also provide the client with customized regulatory service, including tabulated EHS regulatory checklist development and updates, specific regulation interpretation, and more.

Sustainability Services

Anew has abundant project experience in innovation, design and execution of sustainability programs. Anew’s specialists have delivered lots of sustainability service to multinational companies (MNCs), such as zero waste program, green chemical program, energy efficiency and carbon reduction program, clean water program etc.